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Welcome to DOM AGENCY PARIS website!

This website has no intention to supplant the websites of  my 3 OUTDOOR Furniture French Partner-Brands, namely EGO Paris, SIFAS and LES JARDINS and also of  JARDINICO, Belgium Brands of quality Parasols  & Accessories.

Now, as their Sales Representative over the Middle East and some other Mediterranean  countries my purpose is to allow you an easy way to access to most needed and practical information right away like:

Downloads of catalogues,

Retail price lists,

exhaustive models all of collections available

my idea and concept consisting in offering you under D.O.M. Agency roof, as many different models either made in France, or made in Indonesia or China, as possible!.. those different sources of fabrication allowing me to offer you different designs and above all different price levels to match your demanding budgets!

All Brands can be SHIPPED from FRANCE or Belgium, a really good LOGISTIC asset!! Indeed,  a very positive point, all goods can be consolidated & shipped from France, either from EGO Paris factory close to Lyon or from warehouses of SIFAS and LES JARDINS, both located in the north of France, respectively in Houplines 59116 and in 59500 Douai, or even from closer Belgian based Factory of JARDINICO!!

(Have a look at all those spots on relative Map in CONTACT section! SEAPORTS like ANTWERPEN Belgium, Le Havre or Fos-sur-Mer France, or Genova or any other Italian Sea ports or Logistic hubs are thus easy to reach & ship from as well!)

Wishing enthusiastically  to collaborate soon on some outdoor project of yours,
I remain for any Assistance or quote submission,

Warm regards from Paris!
Dominique lafaurie.